Argus .23 Truggy motor available now!
2012 Waikato Champs Winning Truggy Engine!


Because one motor does not suit all!
The new Argus line up has the answer,
Performance Buggy/Truggy motors
for all competitive racing applications

User comments about the Argus A52

I Have been running the Argus for a few months now and they have really proven to be a super fast and reliable engine I will be running them from from this point on. I am not easily impressed by a lot of other engines.( I got used to running Werks engines Which are Great) But this engine really has impressed me so far.

Mileage seems to be good with the Argus motor. I think it gets a little better mileage than most motors.

I have just under a gallon and was getting some good mileage. It had plenty of power to easily clear all the tracks obstacles with ease. And did I say this thing is smooth in a truggy. I love this motor

The argus is A screaming engine that is easy to tune and holds a tune very well. It has crazy top end and xlnt bottom end while still being smooth and controllable. It is awesome for buggy or truggy.

Just wanted to say the tuning set up you guys gave above was spot on. The engine ran flawless today. Massive power and screams everywhere. I love this engine.

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